Advising With Chelsee Rohmiller DeBolt

Please read all the appointment choices below before selecting the appropriate appointment length

30 Minute Appointments

  1. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  2. Returning to Boise State Unviersity
  3. Overview of Academic Holds
  4. Withdrawing from a Class or Classes
  5. Complete Withdraw Appeal
  6. BroncoRebound (Probation)
  7. Questions about Academic Standing/Progress/Policies
(30 minutes)

60 Minute Appointments

  1. Academic Reinstatement
  2. Academic Appeals for Immediate or Early Reinstatement
  3. Third Dismissal Appeal
  4. Academic Coaching
  5. Major Exploration due to Academic Difficulty
  6. Multiple Academic Issues/Concerns/Crisis
(1 hour)